How to Export Orders Using an ImpEx with a Date Filter?

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick, but hopefully helpful, how-to tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn the syntax to export orders using an Impex with a date filter.

The following ImpEx Syntax will export orders after 2018-12-20. Of course, you can modify this date for your specific reporting needs.

"#% impex.setTargetFile( ""Order.csv"" , true );"
insert_update Order; pk[unique=true]; code ; creationtime
"#% impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch(""select {}, {o.code}, {o.creationtime} from {Order as o} where {o.creationtime} > '2018-12-20 10:10:00.0'"");"

To execute the ImpEx:

1. Log into HAC
2, Once logged into HAC,  from the main menu, go to Console -> ImpEx Export then copy the above ImpEx syntax into the Export content text area.
3. Click on the Export Content button.
4. The order data is provided in a ZIP file. Click on the ZIP file link to download the file to your local machine.

5. Open the the ZIP file.  Find a file called Order.csv. The Order.csv will resemble the following:

6. That's it! You just learned the syntax to export orders using an Impex with a date filter! Congratulations!

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