How Can I Study for the Hybris Business Analyst Certification While Commuting to Work?

I listen to Podcasts everyday while commuting to the office. Podcasts are a great learning resource, but I have't seen any podcasts dedicated to Hybris. I created this quick audio study guide to help those who are studying for the SAP Hybris Commerce Business Analyst 6.0 Certification. Click on the audio link below to listen to the study guide. Please let me know what you think. Your comments and feedback are very important.

Why Should You Learn Hybris?

The SAP Hybris job market is hot. Actually it's sizzling hot! Hybris business analysts, developers, and architects are some of the most sought after IT professionals today! Personally, I receive three new Hybris job opportunities in my LinkedIn messages inbox per day! If you are interested in becoming a highly marketable Hybris developer or architect, email me at today. I will create a customized Hybris training plan for you, and show you how to land any Hybris job!

What are Enumeration Types?

Hybris Enumeration Types equate to the Java's enum type; predefined set of related constants. For example, shipping companies (carriers) used by a company. <enumtype code="CarrierType" autocreate="true" generate="true"> <value code="dhl"/> <value code="ups"/> <value code="fedex"/> </enumptype>

Which Companies are Using SAP Hybris and Why Your Company Should Consider It?

SAP Hybris's customer list is impressive, and includes the likes of General Electric, Epson US, Levi Strauss, Taco Bell and Nike.  Click here for the full list of SAP Hybris customers. Over the the last several years, SAP Hybris has invested heavily in its core platform. Forrester and Gartner both rank SAP Hybris as a market leader, and is considered among the top two or three digital commerce platforms in the world. Initially, SAP Hybris was better known in Europe, since it was founded in Switzerland, but the company has expanded well beyond its original European roots, and now has global …