SAP Commerce Project Team – RACI Matrix PowerPoint File

This article is written for project managers or delivery managers who need to understand and/or create a RACI matrix for their SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation projects. First, what is a RACI matrix? A RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix is a table that communicates the roles and responsibilities for a project. At the end of this article, you will have an opportunity to purchase a SAP Commerce Cloud RACI Matrix PowerPoint file inspired by SAP Commerce’s article “Recommended Staffing for SAP Commerce Cloud” to use for your future projects. We felt compelled to write this article because we have seen …

¿Cómo Puede Diseñar una Arquitectura SAP Hybris Escalable en los Servicios Web de Amazon?

¿Está planeando migrar su implementación de SAP Hybris a los Servicios Web de Amazon (AWS)? Muchas empresas están considerando, o han tomado la decisión de migrar su implementación de SAP Hybris a AWS. Este artículo proporciona un punto de partida convincente sobre implementar Hybris en AWS. Hace varios meses trabajé en un proyecto de migración de Hybris-AWS. Al comienzo del proyecto pasé una considerable cantidad de tiempo investigando las mejores prácticas para implementar Hybris en AWS. Su primera pregunta podría ser, “¿Cómo luce una arquitectura Hybris escalable en los Servicios Web de Amazon?” El siguiente diagrama muestra una implementación simple, …

How Do You Design a Scalable SAP Hybris Architecture on Amazon Web Services?

Are you planning to migrate your SAP Hybris implementation to Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Many companies are considering, or have made the decision to migrate their SAP Hybris implementation to AWS. This article provides a cogent starting point for deploying Hybris to AWS. Several months ago, I worked on a Hybris-AWS migration project. At the beginning of the project, I spent a considerable amount of time researching Hybris on AWS best practices. Your first question might be,  "What does a scalable Hybris architecture on Amazon Web Services even look like?" The following diagram depicts a simple -- yet scalable --, four node Hybris implementation …

Solr Configuration: Increase Number of Indexer Threads for Better Performance

Solr indexing performance (shorter index cycles) may improve by increasing the number of threads used in the jobs that send data to Solr for indexing. The OOTB setting (1) may be too low. Take into consideration, the number of available cores on the node instance that is transmitting data to the Solr Master indexing server,  and apply a factor of 1 - 1.5 x the number of available cores as a general guide.

Apache Solr Configuration

A dedicated master server used for indexing and two (2) slave instances used for querying is considered a standard Apache Solr architecture best practice. It's also very important to add a load balancer in front of the two slave instances. If one of the servers becomes unavailable, it will be removed from the load balancer until it goes back online again. While the server is unavailable, the second server will be available to respond to incoming search requests.