What is Hybris Architect?

Hybris Architect is a cloud-based application development
framework for building SAP Hybris Commerce Backoffice Extensions

Cloud-Based IDE

Develop code natively on the cloud, and deploy changes to production on a live SAP CX Hybris Commerce environment in real-time

Native Citizen to Hybris Libraries

Build independently deployable REST services leveraging SAP Hybris Commerce libraries directly

Lightweight Development Framework

Use your preferred front-end framework, such as, Angular, VueJS or React to rapidly build mobile-responsive Back Office or Front-end applications

Prebuilt Back Office Solutions

Hybris Architect offers the following SAP CX Hybris Backoffice Extensions:

Impex Manager: Integrated Impex Data Editor

Production Readiness Report Extension: Verify your property file settings are aligned with Go-Live best practices

Content Editor Extension: Built-in WYSIWYG Editor to Edit Content Components

Report Writer Extension: Create meaningful reports in minutes

Interested in Learning More?

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