SAP Commerce Data Management as a Service

Hybris Architect provides the day-to-day technical and operational support for Hybris WCMS/SmartEdit, Backoffice, Product Catalog, Cron Jobs, Data Feeds, and Third-Party Integrations.

We are out-of-the-box problem solvers who create agile data management solutions for large SAP Commerce clients.

If your company is experiencing challenges with publishing new content or managing its product catalog, you have come to the right place!

In addition to 24/7 SAP Commerce support, we offer the following Hybris solutions:


Impex Data Bulk Editor

Manage large product catalogs with ease without learning the Hybris Impex syntax

See the Impex Bulk Editor in Action!

Lightweight Content Editor

Built-in WYSIWYG Editor to Edit Content Catalog Components


Flexible Report Creator

Leverage our Hybris-related reports or quickly create reports that fit your business needs

Storefront Metrics: Orders by State/Region Report, etc

Production Readiness Report: Verify your property file settings are aligned with Go-Live best practices

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Our Blog

SAP Commerce (Hybris) Technical Articles and Tutorials

Send SMS Using Only Native SAP Commerce Libraries with Twilio API

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. It's no surprise that SMS delivery messages are an important communication channel for B2B and B2C customers. Customers expect to receive opted-in SMS-based notifications, as well as, email-based notifications for order tracking and delivery. Recently, I built a Groovy script to send customer-facing SMS-Based delivery notifications using the Twilio SMS API.  I decided to leverage out-of-the-box Java libraries that are natively bundled with SAP Commerce instead of adding the Twilio JAR library to the client's long list of custom libraries already used in its SAP Commerce implementation. If you are a regular …

Solr Index Error

Hi Everyone, This is a very quick post. I hope everyone is doing well. Recently, I experienced an issue performing a Full Solr Index. The Synchronization cron job reported no issues in the Backoffice, but the Full Solr Index failed. Obviously, an issue existed. The issue, in my case, a category incorrectly pointed to itself in the STAGED Catalog Version. If  you encounter a similar issue, go to you log files, and search for the following term: SynchronizationPersistenceException (hopefully you are using Splunk or Kibana) You should find a similar log entry if a category issue exists: de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.exceptions. ModelSavingException: cannot assign supercategory Accessories(8796125855886) …

How to Create a Category Impex File with Hybris Architect?

Hi Everyone, This tutorial demonstrates how to generate a Category Impex file using the Hybris Architect platform. 1. From the Hybris Architect's main dashboard page, click on the Impex Manager link. 2. Using the Impex Manager, the end-user may create Impex files without any prior Impex Syntax knowledge. Numbered Bullets Explained: 1. Select the preferred product or content catalog and version 2. Select the preferred IMPEX Operation. UPDATE is the default. 3. For this tutorial, select Category 4. Type then select --SHOW-ALL— in the Select Attribute to Search By dropdown. Note: --SHOW-ALL— returns all categories in the selected catalog version …