How to Evaluate Your SAP Hybris Commerce Pre Go-Live Readiness?

This tutorial will help assist with your SAP Hybris Commerce go-live readiness plan. As you near your go-live date, it's helpful to ensure your Hybris implementation team has properly configured the file for production usage. This tutorial will help validate that performance, security and configuration best practices have been implemented in your file.

At the heart of this tutorial is a Groovy script developed to automate the verification of performance, security and configuration best practices for any Hybris Commerce implementation. Normally well-seasoned SAP Hybris Commerce consultants are required to verify proper configuration settings have been established, but after carefully following this tutorial, your team will be able to verify your configuration settings are ready for production.

1.  Download the Hybris Commerce Readiness Assessment from's Github account. The complete Groovy script can be purchased for $8.00 USD.

Buy Now to Download the Script/Code: 8.00 USD

2. Copy and paste the contents of the hybris-readiness-assessment.groovy script into HAC Scripting Editor (From the main menu: Console -> Scripting Languages).

3. Set your email address, and remove the default email addresses.

SAP Hybris Commerce Readiness Assessment Report

4. Click on Execute. When you click on Execute button the Groovy script will email the readiness report to the email address(es) specified in Step 3.

SAP Hybris Commerce Readiness Assessment Report

5. Check your email box for the SAP Readiness Assessment Report

SAP Hybris Commerce Readiness Assessment Report

6. Click on the SAP_Hybris_Readiness_Report.csv attachment to open or download the report.

SAP Hybris Commerce Readiness Assessment Report CSV File

7. Tutorial is done.

In future blog posts, we will review this tutorial in more detail.

Marc Raygoza

Marc is the Founder of
He enjoys helping others learn more about SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris). Marc is a SAP Commerce Certified Professional and has held the role of SAP Commerce Cloud Architect at Deloitte, PwC, Brillio (a Bain Company), and Nasty Gal. Marc holds an M.S. Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in Accountancy from California State University, Fresno. He can be reached at:

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