How to Create An INSERT_UPDATE Impex Script for the Apparel Product Type With The Hybris Architect Impex Manager?

Hello Everyone!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Impex script to insert products into the Apparel Product type using the Hybris Architect Impex Manager.

With this Hybris Architect Impex Manager, business and functional users can import product data into SAP CX Hybris Commerce without learning the Impex syntax. The Hybris Architect Impex Manager converts its online spreadsheet into fully compliant Impex scripts. We have two tutorial versions available: Video Tutorial and Step-By-Step Tutorial.

Let’s get started!

Video Tutorial Version


Step-By-Step Tutorial

1.  Login to the Hybris Architect Dashboard using your Hybris administrator credentials.

2.  Click on Impex Manager from the right-hand navigation bar.

3.  On the Impex Manager page, go to the Select a Catalog/Version dropdown, and choose your active Catalog and Version from the available list of Catalog and Version combinations. For this tutorial, we will select the Apparel Product Catalog Staged catalog.

4. After selecting the Apparel Product Catalog Staged catalog from Select a Catalog/Version dropdown, four additional dropdowns are displayed on the Impex Manager page.

5. Go to the Select a Type dropdown, search for the Apparel Product type from the available SAP CX Hybris Commerce Types for the selected catalog version.

6.  Select the attributes of the Apparel Product type. As you scroll down the attributes dropdown, you will notice the required attributes have been pre-selected.

7. Since we are adding products to the Apparel Product Type, we will need to select the name and variantType(code) attributes.

8. Next, select INSERT_UPDATE from the Select a Mode dropdown because we want to Insert new products if the products do not exist.

9. Select your target language from the Select a Language dropdown, for this tutorial, we will select English.

10. Now, click on the Create Grid button, which automatically inserts your selected attributes into the online spreadsheet. Please note the Impex Header information is also automatically applied to the online spreadsheet.

11. Next, we will enter three products into the online spreadsheet. These products will be added to SAP CX Hybris Commerce instance. 

12. Click on the Generate Impex button to generate an Impex script based on the product entered in the online spreadsheet.

13. A dialog window is displayed with your Apparel Product Impex Script.

Please notice the Hybris Architect Impex Manager automatically generated Impex Macros based on the information previously selected in the dropdowns.

The dialog window also contains the product data entered in the online spreadsheet.

15. Click on the Execute button to import the Impex script directly into SAP CX Hybris Commerce.

16. A popup window, will communicate the Impex script has been successfully imported.

18. Congratulations, you just learned how to add products to the Apparel Product Type using the Hybris Architect Impex Manager.

Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions regarding Hybris Architect, please email for more details.

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