SAP Hybris 6.4 Has Been Released!

SAP announced today, May 31st 2017, that Hybris 6.4 is now publicly available for customers.

Here's a quick overview for several new or improved Hybris 6.4 features:

Backoffice PCM (Product Content Management)

  • Enhanced user interface from 6.3
  • Improved data and business rules validation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Apache Solr powered product search and facet navigation

Backoffice PCM (Product Cockpit) List View

Commerce Accelerator

  • Deep-linking between a quote and order
  • B2B-centric features
    • Revive and re-quote inactive quotes
      • B2B sales organizations' can reactivate and send quotes directly to the customers
    • Configurable minimum shopping cart value

Re-quoting a Previously Cancelled Quote View

Marketplace Module 

  • Out-of-the-box  B2C marketplace solution
  • Sellers may host an online marketplace for other sellers and vendors
  • Customers may purchase goods from multiple vendors in a single shopping cart

Personalization for SmartEdit

  • Create custom user experience and content for anonymous users (customers)
  • Receive real-time information and insight about anonymous customer behavior

Display Custom Content for Customers Between the Ages of 30-39 that Visit the Shorts Category and are not VIPGold Members 

Overall, Hybris 6.4 seems very promising. I'm especially excited about the Marketplace Module, and can't wait to try this new feature.

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Marc Raygoza

Marc is the Founder of
He enjoys helping others learn more about SAP Hybris Commerce. Marc is a SAP Commerce Certified Professional and has held the role of Hybris Architect at Deloitte, PWC, Exemplis and Nasty Gal. He is a long-time Java/Spring developer. Marc holds an M.S. Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in Accountancy from California State University, Fresno. He can be reached at:

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  1. what version of SOLR?

  2. Chris,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to the Hybris 6.4 binaries to confirm, but I believe SOLR 6.1 is the default version for Hybris 6.4.


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