What is Hybris Architect?

Hybris Architect is a Backoffice Development Platform for SAP CX Hybris Commerce, which:

  • Deploys new application features to production without any downtime
  • Accelerates backoffice and integration development projects by 7x
  • Improves data management productivity for business users by 5x

Backoffice Application Development Platform

Accelerate client-side Backoffice application development with
pre-built Angular or VueJS components

Cloud-Based Code Editor

Develop code using only your Browser, and deploy changes to a running SAP CX Hybris Commerce Host with no downtime.
No Hybris builds and deployments required!

Impex Data Bulk Editor

Manage large product catalogs with ease without learning the Hybris Impex syntax

See the Impex Bulk Editor in Action!

Flexible Report Creator

Leverage OOTB reports or quickly create reports that fit your business needs

Storefront Metrics: Orders by State/Region Report, etc

Production Readiness Report: Verify your property file settings are aligned with Go-Live best practices

Lightweight Content Editor

Built-in WYSIWYG Editor to Edit Content Catalog Components


Interested in Learning More?

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Our Blog

SAP CX Hybris Commerce Technical Articles and Tutorials

How to Manage SAP CX Commerce Product Classifications with Hybris Architect?

With this tutorial, I will show you how the Hybris Architect Impex Manager easily manages SAP CX Commerce product classifications without any knowledge of the Impex syntax. First, what are classifications in SAP CX Commerce? In very simple terms, classifications are product or category features. An example of product features are shutter speed and number of megapixels when describing a digital camera.  Clear and detailed product information allow online buyers to make informed purchasing decisions. Since each product can have dozens of product features, it is important that eCommerce merchandising teams have may quickly add/update/delete product classifications. Newer versions of SAP …

How to Create An INSERT_UPDATE Impex Script for the Apparel Product Type With The Hybris Architect Impex Manager?

Hello Everyone! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an Impex script to insert products into the Apparel Product type using the Hybris Architect Impex Manager. With this Hybris Architect Impex Manager, business and functional users can import product data into SAP CX Hybris Commerce without learning the Impex syntax. The Hybris Architect Impex Manager converts its online spreadsheet into fully compliant Impex scripts. We have two tutorial versions available: Video Tutorial and Step-By-Step Tutorial. Let’s get started! Video Tutorial Version   Step-By-Step Tutorial 1.  Login to the Hybris Architect Dashboard using your Hybris administrator credentials. 2.  Click …

¿Cómo se Pueden Enviar Emails desde Hybris Commerce Usando Google Mail?

En una reciente junta con un cliente, el cliente solicitó revisar la copia de las plantillas de email de Hybris Commerce Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) en una fase temprana del proyecto. En ese tiempo, yo trabajaba off-site casi todos los días y no podía acceder manera confiable al servidor SMTP del cliente para enviar emails desde Hybris. En esta situación, decidí usar mi cuenta de Gmail para enviar directamente emails de Hybris al cliente. En este tutorial, mostraré cómo enviar emails desde Hybris Commerce usando Google Mail (Gmail). Prerrequisitos: Para completar este tutorial, necesitará una cuenta de Google Mail (Gmail). Nota: Hybris …